Monday, March 12, 2012

Water Makes All the Difference

Tonight's run was H A R D. All the salt this weekend, lack of sleep and lack of water really hit hard tonight. I did 1.99 miles in 30 minutes, which is really slow considering I was trying to get 1 minute runs of 6.0mph throughout the 30 minutes. I spent about 10 minutes doing intervals, sometimes at 6.0mph or 5.0mph, some were at 4.5mph and 4.0mph. This run didn't make me feel fast!

I followed up my run with lots of stretching and a quick round of situps and pushups. I did some 'pass the ball', 'lean to each side planks' and pushups. The pushups were traditional, but I'm not able to go down even half way. I'll get there....


  1. Way to get your workout in, even if it was hard!!!

  2. Thanks! I felt good at the end for having done it, but I really hate those workouts where you just can't find your groove.