Monday, March 12, 2012

Need for Speed

Hubs and I took the dogs for a nice walk yesterday, but I was just too tired to run and had too much I wanted to get done at home.

I looked at my old running shoes versus my new shoes, and am always amazed at the wear pattern. I strike in the same place, and always wear my shoes in the same way. The last few times I had run in my old shoes I was getting shin splints almost immediately. With my new shoes there are no issues because all of the support is there. Livestrong offers some simple, but helpful advice about shin splints - and wearing the right kind of shoes ranks at the top of the list.

I haven't thought much about my plan for running this week. I am still on 2 mile distances, but I want to make sure that I am increasing my speed. I think I might try 1 minute of walking with a 30 second sprint of running at 6.0 or 6.5. Changing speed on the treadmill is not easy to do that quickly, but I don't really want to run outside. I have to pick one and go for it, which will likely be the treadmill.

How do you increase your speed? 
Are you trying to increase your speed, but don't know the best way to go about it?


  1. Good luck with your speed training...if it goes well for you, I might try your method! :)

  2. Thanks! I will definitely keep everyone updated. Are you training for something specific after the Jelly Bean?