Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Reveal

I bought poster board last night so I could make my new training poster; boy am I glad I did! I realized that I have no wiggle room left in my training for the half. G U L P There are 11 training weeks left, a taper week (chill out, stretch a lot and do an easy 3 miles as my distance) and then the race! I added a new page that shows the scheduled and logged distances up to this point in my training and the remaining, scheduled distances. I have just enough time to do alternating weeks of increased distance and 3 mile runs, with my regular, short runs 2x/week.

I won't lie or sugar coat it. After looking back over the distances I have done and the distances I have yet to do - I AM SCARED! Clearly there is no room in my training for fear, only grit and strength. Clearly, since I am heading straight into 'Monster Month', I need something to keep me fighting (it's not exactly positive thinking to refer to this as 'fighting', right?). Maybe I need a bracelet or a tattoo or Michael Franti to follow me around singing the 'perfect just the way you are' song. I think a bracelet in a couple of different blue colors might help. Periwinkle blue is apparently the color for esophageal cancer, which is the cancer that killed my Dad. He is so often my motivation when I run, and the reason I started racing in the first place. I wanted my first race ever to be at Disney in his memory, but life happens and so my upcoming 1/2 is for him. Lucky for me, my niece brought a huge bucket of string with her so finding the right colors shouldn't be at all tough!

It's arts and crafts time! G'night everyone!


  1. I'm feeling the same way about my marathon training. All the new distances are scary. But take it one day/run at a time, try not to look ahead TOO much. You'll do great!

  2. Thanks! You're right about not looking too far ahead.