Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Love

 I feel like a teenager again! For so long I dreamed of the day when I would buy a pair of Brooks running shoes, and back in January I bought my first pair. I was in love! It was everything I had hoped it would be! So many firsts happened in these shoes - my first 10k! my first 5 mile run! my first 6 mile run! my first 7 mile run! my first I ran so hard I vomited run! Then, something changed. The bouncy, springy feeling is gone and my sole is worn down; there was no more denying that we needed to go our separate ways.

I didn't even try another pair of Brooks on at the store! In fact, I barely even glanced their way. I gave the Aasics another shot, but we are just not meant for each other. The Nikes I tried were ok, and would probably do just fine. But! But! When I slipped my foot into the Mizunos, I knew this time I was really in love!
That my friends is the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 and even when my Brooks were new they did not feel as good as the Inspires. They use the 'SmoothRide Engineering', which actually seems to make a difference in how my foot strikes and then kicks off again. Mizuno explains their SmoothRide Engineering like this:

Smoothride begins working the moment your foot touches the ground. Flex Grooves in the heel promote natural movement from the back of your foot to the front, initiating that rocking-chair motion. Our AP+ Midsole gives the shoe a bouncier feel. And Flex Grooves and Flex Controllers in the forefoot work together to smoothly continue the roll forward to give your foot a more solid platform at toe-off. It all adds up to a more fluid, enjoyable run, every time you head out.
  • Smooth, rocking motion throughout your stride
  • Increased flexibility
  • More power at toe-off

It seriously felt as if there was a supportive cushion between my feet and the ground. I ran in them on Tuesday and can't wait to try them out again. I won't be able to do my distance this weekend, so I will either do it tonight or tomorrow night, and am looking forward to how the new shoes feel for 8 miles!

What shoes are you loving these days?
How soon is too soon before a race to change shoes?


  1. We are shoe twins!!! I am in love with the mizuno inspire!! And have worn a billion generations of them. If I could marry the inspire, I would :).

  2. Part of my Brooks loving heart just died =(

    Haha, just kidding! Different shoes for different feet! Glad you found a pair that works well for you!

    That being said, I mainly run in Brooks Adrenaline, but also put on some New Balance every 2-3 runs.

    Do you run exclusively in one pair of shoes, or do you oscillate between two? Though many runners would recommend the second, after about 20-25 miles I'd say a pair of shoes is broken in?

  3. I'm a New Balance fan...they've always fit my feet well. However I'm thinking hard about trying out the Vibram Five-Fingers, so if/when that happens, I'll let you know what I think of them! I think they'd be fun for running trails, and there are a lot of trails around here (bonus for trails is no semi trucks whizzing past!)

    I'd also say 20-25 miles, but it also depends on the distance of your race. I bought my shoes two weeks before my half marathon, and probably put in a good 40 miles on them before my race. But if you're running a longer distance, I would put in a bit more time on them, just to make sure your body really has broken them in.

  4. I used to un in NB exclusively, mainly because I could find my size (I'm a narrow 12 for running shoes).
    I don't normally switch back and forth, but with longer miles coming up it might be a good idea to give that a try.
    I would love to hear a review from you Maggie. I am becoming more and more interested in the barefoot running craze! :)

  5. Thanks for the info on these shoes, I may have to give them a try, I have been wearing Brooks Adrenaline as well. I think I have been pretty lucky because I have had no problems with my shoes, but I always wonder if there are "better" shoes out there!

  6. I love my Merrell Pace Gloves! I've never had Merrell running shoes but I have always worn their hiking boots...these are minimalist shoes but I LOVE THEM!!! Congrats on your new ones!

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. I've tried a million different kinds. Apparently I haven't found my glass slipper yet - but dang I hope I do sometime soon!! :)

  8. Wells - have you gone to a running store and been fitted? The running store I went to actually put me on the machine where they tell you which way you lean and were you put your weight etc. It's a nifty tool, and then they actually watch you run annnnnd even record it so they can show you what they see.

  9. Heather - I love my slip on, winter Merrell's and always check sale racks for any kind of Merrells because they are so great. I'll keep minimalist shoes in mind for the future.