Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oooph, Not Quite Broken In Yet

I took my Mizunos on my distance run last night, which was scheduled for 6 miles. Thankfully I did not have to do 8 miles because my new kicks are not broken in yet. By about mile 4, both of my ankles hurt, my left foot was thinking of falling asleep and my heels were hurting. Youch! I will definitely be switching between the Mizunos and my Brooks for a bit of time.

I maintained my 4.0mph pace for my run, and ended up taking just under 90 minutes to complete the 6 miles. If it weren't for my shoes, I probably would have tried for 3 more miles.

I'm feeling good. Being able to get those 6 miles in made me feel stronger and more prepared for the 1/2, even though I do have a lot of ground to cover. Thinking of my numbers has definitely helped my thinking; it's amazing how good it feels to know that I am healthy in spite of/regardless my extra weight.

It's sleep time, even though I'm hungry, so that I can do a short run tomorrow!


  1. I hate breaking in shoes. I am feeling like mine are just where I want them and I have 200 miles in them. I like them well broke in. Soon it will be time for new kicks again.

  2. Yeah 6 miles!! I know it seems like you still have a long ways to go, but once you hit that 10 mile mark, the hardest part of working up the miles is over. And good for you for sticking it out that last two miles even after your feet were complaining.

    And on weight, all through college I was in really good shape because I was rowing and playing squash, but I also weighed a good twenty pounds more than I do now. Eating habits were the main cause (dessert at every meal in college among other things) I think you'll find that as you keep running, running longer distances, that your body will adapt and shift. I like seeing your positive attitude shining through...I'm cheering you on from Nebraska. :)

  3. Nice job! It does take a bit of time to get shoes "just right". Way to go on the mileage too. You are totally getting there.

  4. Thank you so much! You have no idea how wonderful it is to hear that I am making progress. I mean, yes, I know I am making progress, but sometimes to hear it from others really makes a girl feel good.