Monday, January 17, 2011

Shopping Like a Runner

I ventured to the running store this weekend to be fitted, properly, for my running shoes. In the past I have wondered cluelessly around the New Balance outlet until I found something that was lightweight, felt "good" and was in my size. It's always a reason to celebrate when I find shoes in my size; size 10 dress shoes are a rare find let alone sneakers in a size 12 that aren't made for Fred Flintstone. Long ago someone told me to check out the brand Brooks, but I kept on with my New Balance. I have no complaints about my NBs and have gotten great deals on sneakers and workout clothes over the years. At the running store they made stand on a machine to see where my weight goes when I stand. Then they made me walk up and down a hall, and then they brought me shoes to try. Some shoes I barely had on and they were being whisked away for some undetectable flaw. Then I was sent to the treadmill, where they videotaped my legs and feet to further scrutinize the shoes. It wasn't long before I was walking out of the store with a brand new pair of size 11.5 Adrenaline GTS 11th edition (nice to find a company that runs a 1/2 size small and offers running shoes for women up to size 13!) Brooks running sneakers. I also got a great deal on two new sports bras, in bright orange and bright pink.

Since buying my new shoes I have done a Jillian Michaels workout and a Self magazine workout. It is amazing how different my feet felt in the right shoes. Maybe I'll even shed some seconds off my time when I run tomorrow.


  1. Whoa. They videotaped you on a treadmill..? This is a strange and wonderful world we live in! I'm glad your footsies are feeling better. Do feet still gross you out? Was it weird having people obsess over yours? The only thing on MY feet these days are snow boots, and I'm seriously considering snowshoes so I can maybe go hiking again before April. Have you heard about the whackados who run marathons barefoot..? I don't recommend doing that.

  2. Feet absolutely still gross me out. Feet attached to small people under the age of 4 or 5 do not have the same impact as adult feet. I actually like baby feet. As for my feet, I really can't believe the difference I am feeling from the shoes. My foot hurt yesterday, but I went 4.75 miles and a bit of time on the heating pad made it all better. I actually enjoyed the obsessing, and not only because it was from a young redhead. It made me feel all professional and serious, like a real runner!
    The Gorilla foot shoe things are pretty cool, but definitely not for me, marathon or no marathon.