Thursday, February 28, 2013

Details of the Day

Breakfast: 3 eggs, spinach, 2 pieces of provolone cheese, ketchup (8:00am)
Snack: Power bar (10:00am)
Snack: Mini power bar (11:00pm)
Snack: Apple (12:30pm)
Lunch: Pasta, chicken, mayo/relish/mustard (1:30pm)
Snack: Nutrigrain bar (4:30pm)
Snack: Yogurt (6:00pm)
Dinner: Sweet potato fries, 2 hotdogs, salad (7:30pm)

I was hungry throughout the day, but tried to drink more water and focus on what I was doing at the moment instead of my hunger. A small salad at lunch might also help with my hunger throughout the day, but some of it is just waiting for my stomach to shrink down and expect less food.

I had one craving for m&ms, right before I left for my late afternoon meeting. I was hungry, and a strong desire for them came over me just as I noticed the container where I keep them. I acknowledged the craving, told myself no, and kept going. I did decide to have another small snack, which at that point was the nutrigrain bar. It wasn't the best choice in terms of keeping me satisfied until dinner. The yogurt sure helped though!

I went for a short run and did a lot of stretching. The run was a challenge, but it felt good! I did the entire 30 minutes at a 5% incline and went just over 1.7 miles.

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