Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lots of Little Voices

Riding this morning was a bit easier, and makes me think my legs are getting stronger. My right ankle still hurts, and I have some exercises to try in hopes of strengthening it. Tomorrow I plan to run and lift some weights.
I found an email this morning from Vina, talking about her own inner voice and how she learned to listen. My inner voice likes my life - wonderful job, great house, incredible husband, and lots to be thankful for. My inner voice knows the kind of relationship I want with myself. My inner voice keeps quiet under the constant rattle of self loathing and the strangling grip of cravings. On Sunday my inner voice spoke up. It was simple really, to ask how I might do better if I fed myself differently. If I fed myself with love and vibrant food it was possible I could run faster and with greater ease. There was no insult or anything to put myself down, just a simple question. 

Breakfast (8:15): Stonyfield yogurt, bagel with 1 piece of cheese and 2 pieces of ham
Snack (11:00): Belvita
Lunch (12:30): Stonyfield yogurt with cashew butter, coconut flakes and raisins
Snack (3:30): Apple
Snack (6:15): 2 pieces of ham
Dinner (7:15): Spaghetti, cheese, and two sausages

   How did I fill today? I filled it with reminders that my frustration is coming from a concern over being able to do well at work. Still. I filled it with reminders of wonderful my husband is to me. I also filled my day with good food. I didn't chose vegetables at all, but did make a point of including lots of proteins and smaller amounts of carbohydrates. My morning snack could be veggies with hummus or veggies with tuna/egg salad. My bagel could have instead been a pasta salad that included broccoli, spinach, and beets with feta. With pasta already made in the fridge this should be an option for tomorrow.

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