Monday, August 13, 2012


I used My Food Diary for years, and it was great. I decided a few months back to cancel my membership, but in the last week I have decided that I need to be back to counting calories. I was hoping that a free service would be comparable, and I settled on myfitnesspal. So far I think I will be happy with the software and I haven't even synced it with my phone.

I am on board to be vigilant and hardcore for the remainder of this month, September and October. At that point I will slow my weight loss from 1.5 pounds per week to about 0.5 as my distance runs will be getting higher. My 1/2 training will be getting much more intense at that point, and I likely won't be able to stay healthy and strong with such a caloric restriction. I just need to see some weight disappear, and really by focused on my weight loss goal right now. I am not happy with all these extra pounds at all.

How do you manage your intake? 
Do you find that sometimes you just accept that you are hungry at the end of the day because you put in so many miles, but ate well throughout the day? 
Do you think it's really possible to lose weight and train for a 1/2 at the same time?

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  1. I just started reading your posts, pretty inspiring. I would like to lose a few pounds before I start more strength training, but is that important? I am short and am always concerned with looking too "stocky":) I have tried my food diary before but wanted something that tracked more of my nutrition so switched to OnTarget Nutrition, And I accept that I am hungry at the end of the day all the time...unfortunately.