Friday, July 27, 2012

Some of the Numbers in the Numbers Game

To finish the Princess 1/2 in 2.5 hours is less than a 12 minute mile. Right now my miles are in the high 13 minute/low 14 minute range, but I am not able to maintain that over distance. I am eager to try out a distance to see if I can maintain that type of speed, which will be one of my first runs next week. I really don't know if I can get my speed up that much for such a distance. February is not that far away, and I am working hard at the 14 minute mile pace, for 1.5 to 2 miles.

Recent runs:

June 25th - 1.53 miles in 25 minutes (16minute20second mile)
June 27th - 1.94 miles in 28 minutes (14minute25second mile)
June 30th - 4 miles in 59minutes7seconds (14minute46second mile)
July 2nd - 2 miles in 27minutes28seconds (13minute43second mile)
July 4th - 3.5 miles in 56minutes18seconds (16 minute mile)
July 8th - 2.17 miles in 30 minutes (13minute49second mile)
July 9th - 1.14 miles in 17 minutes (14minute54second mile)
July 13th - 3.75 miles in 58minutes53seconds (15minute42second mile)
July 14th - 3 miles in 41minutes49seconds (13minute56second mile)
July 25th - 1.43 miles in 20 minutes (13minute59second mile)

I know what I need to do:

1. Run more - just increase my weekly base mileage. I did take this past week off, but before that I had upped my weekly mileage to almost 12 miles. I know that isn't enough, but the week prior was 7.5 miles, before that was 7.47 miles and before that was 4.03 miles. 

2. Lose weight - just can't expect to move fast with so much to carry. The ugly, ugly truth y'all? I am pushing 220 pounds at this point. It's quite embarrassing to admit that, but I am committed to this 1/2 being amazing so I have to let it all hang out. No pun intended. Losing 60 pounds seems so unbelievable daunting, and I simply can't believe I am back at this weight. Given that I can run 4 miles and my speed is where it is, it should inspire me to keep at it and be excited to move forward. In one week of not running and working out, I felt the difference! It happened instantly that my stress level went up, my mood teetered, and I had this feeling that I all I had done for the last month had simply vanished. 

It's decisions and choices each day. It is being reasonable amidst sacrifice and strictness. It is encouragement and a bit of bribery. It is congratulating myself on the workouts I complete, and not belittling what I have accomplished. 

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