Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Site Visits

Today's run? Started out like death and actually got better. I am feeling hopeful for April since I know I wasn't in the best place for today's run. Sometimes it seems like all I do is flip-flop back and forth between thinking all is right with the world and all hope is lost. Come on Gemini, a happy medium for once? No? Ugh. 

When my brain strays from focusing on work, what are the sites I visit? Here is the list, in no particular order:

I think it's clear from this list that I am obsessed with running Disney races. Maybe I need to branch out into other way cool races that don't cost so much. 

Ok, that's the short blog post for the day. Have a good night!



  1. I want to plan for a Disney run... it is on my bucket list, just gotta learn to run first ;)

    make it a great day

  2. Love Disney. My only problem with the races is that they are so expensive, but they are worth it! I can't wait for my next one (which probably won't be til 2014 or after) :(