Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Likelihood

Friday - day off
Saturday - a lot of walking
Sunday - day off
Monday - short, short, short yoga and weights

I have been all out of whack these last 4 days. The plan for today is to run and do some of those exercises that didn't quite happen last night.

My meals have been out of whack too with odd times of the day, dinner being too late and going to cereal for a snack when I'm hungry.

I'm starting to think I have to give Mary Poppins more credit for her influence on me as a child. My thought was that I must be 'ship-shape', maybe it's my inner child looking for someone to just tell me what to do. The thing is, I know what to do. I guess the accent and the posture makes all the difference.

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  1. "I guess the accent and the posture makes all the difference. "

    Posture does make all the difference! It makes you feel and look entirely different.

    I try to make standing up straight for a certain amount of time each day a personal goal, just like working out. Actually all the way straight, like they used to work me at for hours in ballroom. Shoulders out, supported with my latissimus, abdominals and pelvic floor engaged and active. Makes me look 10-15 lbs lighter. Not that I want to encourage fixating on the numbers, but the feedback is encouraging and I really have nothing else to pin it on!