Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not Learning

When will I learn? 

 I went for a run tonight, and it was hard. I had trouble taking deep breaths and keeping my posture strong. Huffing and puffing with a side cramp and your shoulders in your ears does not make for a good run. Or so I thought. My route was exactly 3 miles and I did it in 39 minutes - just over 13 minute miles. Will I ever learn to stop doubting myself? I'm working on it for sure, since my anthem on tonight's run was 'F*c*i*g Perfect by Pink. I wanted to finish my run strong so I focused on slowing myself down, keeping my head down (it helps keep my neck lose when my shoulders are tight) and my breath steady. Before I knew it I was turning onto my road, Pink of course in my ear the entire time.

When, when, when, when, when will I learn the tightest muscle and the worst cramp and all those pains I feel when my runs feel off are always worse because of what I tell myself and sometime turn out to be my longest distances and fastest times?! 


  1. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. I do the same thing. Congrats on doing better than you thought!

  2. Thanks Tess! It's a slow process and I am making improvement. Night's like last night are a good reminder that I am making progress, but it's frustrating to struggle so much in my own head sometimes.

  3. I think everyone struggles with their own doubts, but u kept going and finished even when u doubted yourself. Great job! Also, I didn't have a reciept for my yurbuds either, just included a note and they sent new ones