Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bootcamp Breaks are Bad

I did a mile run last night before Bootcamp, yikes! I had thought Bootcamp was hard, but then I took a month off and found out just how hard it really is! I was sweating like crazy and had to stop a couple of times during the weight sections because my heart rate was too high and I was too hot. The instructor told folks at the end it was nice to see new faces and it was nice to see old faces that hadn't been in a while. She hoped both would be coming back. I assured her I had learned my lesson and would be back!

Before the class I did a quick walk to stretch out and then did a 5.0mph mile. It was tough at the end, but I think with a walk break in between I might be able to do that pace for 2 miles. I have no idea what my time would be for that 3rd mile.

I ended up not working out on Sunday, but that's fine since I ran Saturday and did yoga. Most of Sunday we spent at the beach with friends and dogs so it was a nice way to recover. I have been in a bit of a crud mood this week and while yoga was really frustrating for me Saturday morning overall the weekend helped me relax and refocus.

Today's a funky day with a 5:00pm meeting so I have to sike myself up for a run tonight after the meeting. I have a swanky meeting Thursday night and I need to shop today since there are meetings tomorrow during the day and then my hair appointment during the day on Thursday (yeah, it's one of those meetings where you get your hair done before you go!). I'm starting the day with a monster smoothie (vanilla protein powder, blueberry Fage yogurt, mango, peach, strawberry, pineapple, cocoa powder, milk, water) and have a good portion of tuna fish to fuel me at lunch so it's looking like a good day so far!

Happy Tuesday!