Monday, April 30, 2012

Bye Bye April

My foot hurt too much for running or Bootcamp today. I usually am not so good with follow through when it comes to medicine, so the fact that I took ibuprofen today, iced my foot twice and soaked it in a hot, Epsom salt bath should tell you something. I guess this is my first real injury, and it's scaring me. I know I will be fine, and based on the response to the hot bath I think it's mostly muscle pain in the toe area. The other pain, on the underside of my foot has me more concerned, as far as long term issues. 

Tomorrow is the start of the Run to the Finish's yoga challenge! 30 minutes of yoga for 30 days! I borrowed an AM yoga video from the library, and am hoping that I will start my day with yoga for the month of May. What better way to usher in my birthday than to put down a path of yoga? (I don't know FitSugar, but she is responsible for the great picture below.)

I ran just over 20 miles this month, and saw my speed increase. In March I ran about 12 miles so I definitely pushed it in April. Biking is going to have to do until my foot is better, which stinks because I had made up my mind that I would commit to 4 miles for Many Miles of May. 

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