Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tired vs. Done

I am tired and feel behind on my work. I am only writing this as a promise to go, now, for a run. 
Ok, maybe a bit of caffeine first and then I will go for a run. 


  1. hopefully you got out there and got your run in and felt better after!

  2. Did you live up to your promise and get out for your run?
    Hey I just wanted you to know I am doing a crazy run/walk on Saturday and will be taking along all the goods you mailed me. I did try the shot blocks (delish)

  3. Thanks Megan and Susette! I did get out and run, it wasn't easy, but I pushed through.

    I'm glad you're enjoying them! I really like the ShotBloks too. In fact, they were the caffeine that got me through my run last night. Good luch on Saturday!!!!