Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Workout

I mentioned the other day that I made my own workout. I went through it again tonight and I really like it! It's quicker than it should be so I might need to drop the reps down to 8 and increase the set to 3.

Jumping Jacks - 5
'Round the world with squat - 10 reps each direction
Jumping Jacks - 5
Leg swings - 10 each direction and each leg
Jumping Jacks - 5
Standing chest press - 10
Wood chopper with side swing
Jumping Jacks - 5
Pushups - 10
Jumping Jacks - 5
Yoga ball handoff - 10
Jumping Jacks - 5
Fire hydrant - 10 each leg
Donkey kicks - 10 each leg
Jumping Jacks - 5
Wood chopper with side swing - 10 each side
Jumping Jacks - 5
Tricep kick-back - 10
Tricep pulse - 10
Jumping Jacks - 5


Some of the names probably only make sense to me so here are some pictures.
'Round the world with squats - I hadn't even considered doing it on the 1/2 stability ball! 
Fire hydrant donkey kick

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  1. Have you heard of CrossFit? They have some pretty kickass, do-it-at-home exercises, targeted to people that want to be able to work out anywhere, any day, and the "workout of the day" is published free online (google it). If you're designing your own routines, they might be a fun source of inspiration for a day you're feeling bored.