Thursday, March 8, 2012

Run + Pilates = Bedtime

I am happy to report that I did my run and then went right into Pilates! I took 1 caffeinated Shot Block before my run and 2 non-caffeinated right after my run/before Pilates. It definitely was hard, but I feel really good. Again, I can see how much stronger I am already. You can check out my 'Mile a Month Training' for the details of tonight's run.

 The synopsis? 2 miles in 28minutes and 17 seconds, with chunks of running at 4.5mph. 

My 2 other runs this week (tomorrow and Saturday) will be focused on speed and endurance. It's time to add in an incline, so one of them will be with a small incline. 

Post-workout dinner: I had an entire cucumber with salad dressing (a lame vegetable I know, but it was all that looked appetizing to me), some chicken and some potatoes. My appetite just isn't there after such exertion, but I know tomorrow I will be HUNGRY. Hopefully I can keep it in check with lots of water, a protein and fiber packed breakfast and good snacks throughout the day. We are eating out tomorrow night (a new Thai restaurant, yum!) so things could get dicey by the end of the day. 

Do you find the day after an intense workout you are ravenous? 
When I was training for the Wine and Dine 1/2, my appetite was insatiable the day after my distance runs. 


  1. I find that my appetite depends on what type of activity I'm doing. If it's a long run or a long swim, I'm generally not hungrier than usual that day, but sometimes am hungrier the day after. On the other hand, if it was a long, hard bike ride, I become a teenage boy and will eat everything in sight. Once I start riding 4-5 times a week, I am eating constantly.

  2. Definitely YES I find I'm more hungry the more I work out!

    I got your lovely package in the mail yesterday and wanted to thank you soooooo much! I've never tried any of the fun goodies you sent and I'm excited to try one out tomorrow on my long run.

    How fun that you live in Florida. No worries about running in snow eh?

  3. I am so glad you got the package! I just love Shot Bloks, but I am a fan of gummy candy. I find they really do help my hard workouts. If I am going to take all 3 I usually take 2 at the beginning of the workout and 1 towards the end.

    I definitely can tell my metabolism is kicking back on because I am a lot hungrier these days!

  4. Oh and yeah, I live in Florida - 1 mile from the beach. We love it! It's great for winter running, but it's not so easy to get out for a run any 'ole time of day from May - September. We all pay our dues, but I love love love not dealing with snow anymore. I moved down in the summer of 2010 and don't regret it a bit! :)