Friday, March 23, 2012

66% and Going Strong

I committed to running yesterday, today and tomorrow to almost meet my weekly running goal. With yesterday and today solidly done, I am looking towards tomorrow to end my week strong. A few more runs and it's on to 3 miles for the month of April.

This post really has nothing to do with running or growing my own food. It does however have to do with the fact that this June I will be 30. I know exactly how I want to spend my birthday - snorkeling in the Keys. Hubs got certified long ago to SCUBA dive, and we long to SCBUA together. Until we can afford to re-certify him and I can take the course we are happy with snorkeling. We snorkeled on our honeymoon and it was amazing. We drove around Dominica, (on the west side of the Carribean - you can see it circled in red),  finding beaches for snorkeling. We had all the beaches to ourselves. We love Dominica because it's not built up and the money we spent stayed on the island and supported the locally owned businesses. This picture to the right is the way we got to one of the most beautiful beaches we found during our entire trip.

I digress....

We went to a local dive shop and bought masks and snorkels, hence the goofy picture. If you look in the top, left corner you will see a Wine and Dine medal; we hang them on the bakers rack in the kitchen. Can't wait to hang the Princess medal next to my Wine and Dine medal and report on snorkeling trip planning progress. G'night all.

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