Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today, Tomorrow and Saturday

If I want to keep my schedule for this week I need to run today, tomorrow and Saturday. When there is company in town the mornings are the only time I can seem to make for working out. I can't even begin to talk about all that I have eaten this week. The list of what I haven't been eating is much shorter: vegetables and lean protein. I can feel the difference after just a few days. It's incredible the way salt and starch makes my body feel sluggish and tired. Starting a gorgeous day with a run and a smoothie will help me feel better.

Much work has been done this week in the garden! The chicken coop turtle dojo has been repaired and is ready to go! We had thought about calling it 'La Casa De Juevos', but then dojo was mentioned as we kept joking that the coop was for turtles (chickens aren't allowed in my zoning district), and a la Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the idea of calling it a dojo was born. I guess it could be 'La Dojo de Juevos'.... I'll happily take any suggestions.

The repairs were pretty easy. The dojo has a new frame, wheels and some splashes of Key Largo, because bright colors always help!

We measured the frame on the bottom (45" x 90") and used new lumber to reconstruct it. Easy peasy - just a simple rectangle. We pulled off the rotten frame, also easy and fun too. Attaching the frame turned out to a bit tricky. 3/4 of the 'A' frame was good wood, but the part where the frame would attach was rotted. Instead of rebuilding the entire thing we decided to use metal strapping. 

We found wheels at the flea market last week for $8, and they were easily attached to the back side. We drilled a hole in the front side of the frame to accomodate the rope that allows you to pull it around the yard.

I lucked out and found the Key Largo paint for $5 in the clearance bin at the hardware store. It's technically indoor paint, but I am ok with having to reapply more frequently since it's only being painted in a few places. 

Besides, hopefully in a few seasons we will be replacing it with a fancy coop. There are so many options out there for functional and decorative coops!

I haven't visited the chicks since they were born last week. I will stop in this week and take more pictures, so you can see just born pictures and week old pictures at the same time. We will hopefully bring them home in a few weeks. They will need to stay inside for a few more weeks before their feathers will have developed enough to move them outside.

The potatoes are still growing well, and the tomatoes and cucumbers are taking kindly to being transplanted. It's hard to see, but the blackberries are sending out new shoots and producing nice buds.

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