Monday, September 12, 2011

Finding the Yum in Monster Month!

Monster Month is going ok, even though I haven't been updating. I've been making healthy choices and being kind to myself. Sweet. I have not been running, since my knee hurts. The bruise is almost completely gone, but there is still a spot that hurts to the left of and underneath my knee. I'm scared to get out there and really try, in case it really is hurt. The 1/2 is 3 weekends away, and I really need to get another distance under my belt before the race. If I can't run it, then I will walk. There is no shame in that, and completing 13.1 miles at one time is amazing, even if it requires more walking that I had planned.

Now, for a review! I, like most of us, have been searching for the right refueling system for me while I run. I heard about Chocolate #9 and decided to ask them for some samples. They were very friendly and sent me a box of 20 samples, some of which will be added to the next giveaway I host. My biggest reason for being interested in Chocolate #9 was the ingredient list: agave and cocoa. Two ingredients, both of which I can pronounce and that I currently have in my house; that is awesome! 

I didn't have a long run planned when they arrived, but I did have a long day with a bunch of multiple hour meetings. I took one knowing that I would leave the last one hungry, burnt out and looking for a pick-me-up. I had it before I went into the 2 hour meeting, hoping it would keep me keep me from getting impatient and sleepy. It worked! I never felt jittery or as if I had had any caffeine, and I didn't crash after the meeting. I was still hungry when I got home, but my blood sugar hadn't dropped so all was good.

How'd it taste? It tasted like it belonged on vanilla ice cream. Really. With only 2 ingredients there is no weird after taste or funky consistency. It is just wonderful chocolate.

Any complaints? My only complaint is the package, which is for the gel products across the board. They are easy to open, but I find myself prone to getting little cuts on the sides of my mouth from trying to get the product out. I wish it had a different delivery system.

I decided to try to make some of this at home, with peanut butter. I was thinking it would be a great snack option. I mixed 2 tablespoons of peanut butter with 1 tablespoon of agave and 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder. It needed a little bit more agave to make it easier to spread, but the flavor was great!

Overall, I have no complaints and definitely recommend it to folks looking for a more natural, less processed alternative for fueling during runs. I don't think it replaces any electrolytes, and I haven't tried it mixed with an electrolyte replacement. I know I can make it myself, but given that I haven't figured out a packaging solution on my end, I might as well voice my support for their product by purchasing it.

Like I said, I will be including samples of Chocolate #9 in my next giveaway. It will likely be after my 1/2 at the end of the month, so keep an eye out for that post.

*I was in no way compensated for my review of Chocolate #9.*


  1. yummm those sound really good! I'll have to look for them (or try to win in your giveaway hehe). I hate the packaging for gels too

  2. One solution that you could try is to get some little ziploc bags and spoon some of the mixture in there so you can squeeze it out during runs or whenever. Sort of the same idea as the gel packets, but not quite as sharp. I know runners who do that with half a banana and squish it up in a bag and then squeeze it out during a run. A bit messy probably, but should still get the food into you. And maybe prevent mouth cuts (I have the same problem with gels sometimes).