Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And on the 7th Day of Monster Month

Having Monday off was nice: carpets are clean, patio extensions are started, Pups had many beach trips, books were read, recipes made...*Good sigh*

I went to the gym and did 2 miles. I realized that I could go farther, maybe even the 12.5 miles, but that I hadn't fueled enough for such a distance. An almond butter and jelly sandwich is laughable when it's all I had eaten by 10:30am and that distance would take multiple hours. My leg hurt later in the day, so then I thought maybe it's best I didn't do that distance. This morning it didn't hurt, then it did. Argh!

I'm trying it tonight. If it hurts, I'll stop.

My nutrition continues to teeter on the edge of eating too much, but my choices are so much healthier and I'm listening when I tell myself, 'no'. I had a little epiphany the other day. I realized that I treat food as the thing I can 'want' and 'have'. There are so many sacrifices in life, so many things I 'want' but don't get to 'have'. I let food be my instant gratification, my f*@& you to responsibility and sensibility. A pretty dumb way to rebel, I must say. All these bits of understanding help, especially when I'm sitting at my desk, not hungry, but feeling antsy. Like now.

Monday's food summary (I wish it reported fiber on this screen, but my total was 41.9g or 7%):

Food Summary
Snack #13817.0g66.0g20.7g
Snack #23588.4g56.4g14.7g
Percentage of Calories 1

   1  Typical Percentages: Fat 20-35%, Carbohydrates 45-65%, and Protein 10-35%.

I had not wanted to do this, but I think that I might need to slow my pace down even more. I know, it's hard to imagine how much slower I could possibly go. I'm thinking that some of tonight should just be walked at 3.5mph and the goal (wait, wasn't this always the goal) is to complete the distance. I can throw in a few minutes at 4.4mph and 4.0mph, but walk as much at 3.5 as I need to keep my leg from hurting and from overdoing it. Brilllllllllliant! And on the 7th day, her Captain Obvious title remains undefeated! 


  1. This is why I love blogging. When you write something down, it's just so obvious why it makes sense. Good luck with the workout.

    Really good insight on the food control. It's so helpful to understand your impulses. Yay!

  2. Thanks! You're right, I'm definitely learning a lot. It's not easy, but it's interesting! :)