Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Last Push

2 weeks from now I will be putting the final touches on my packing list for the 1/2.

 I ordered a handheld water bottle from Nathan, which has not arrived yet. It was shipping with some laundry detergent, but it seems the shipment has been damaged and can't be delivered. i.e. someone dropped it and spilled 200 ounces of laundry soap all over the place. I think I might have to poke around and buy one in the stores, and then return the one I ordered online. I really want to have it before the race so I can see how it feels while I run.

I'm also thinking of getting a pair of compression socks. My thighs get sore from running, not my calves.

 Do the compression socks help with thighs too? 

My bruise is a light yellow color, with only a few darker spots and is almost completely gone. Poking the bruised bone part still hurts, but I can lay on it while I sleep without any pain. 

Why have I not yet mentioned running in this post? Oh, um, because I haven't been running. I know the definition of insanity is often explained as repeating the same behavior with expectations of a different outcome. I think it needs to be revised to include something about not training in the last weeks leading up to one's first half marathon. 

Eating has been going much less good in the last few days, and I can only blame that on myself. As much as I would like to blame the heroin addicts for whom I baked the cookies and brownies (for an event at a local methadone clinic), it really isn't their fault that I have found the ultimate brownie recipe. 

What exactly are my plans for the next 2 weeks? That's a good question. I think by Tuesday I need to have my running done for the race, which means I have one last shot to get in distance. Before my bruise came I had 12.5 on the docket, and I'm not sure what to do next. I could:

A. Repeat the 11 miles I did a few weeks back
B. Do the 12.5 miles
C. Go for a trial run of the 13.1

What I want to do is go for the 12.5, and if I feel good enough push to finish the 13.1, this Saturday. It will give me 2 weeks to recover, which is enough if I stretch a lot. Then the week right before I can do a couple easy runs, just to keep moving as opposed to for endurance. 

I'm mapping the route for the weekend, and it looks as if it will be an out and back that is 5 miles, and the third leg will be 2.5 or 3.1 instead of another 5. I'll need plenty of water and fuel for that distance, with careful thought put into my eating that day. I need to start hydrating now! 

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  1. After I run, my calves are fine too! It's my hamstrings that are tight. If you find a good pair of compression shorts (?) let me know!

    You could always do a 12 mile training run and then a 1 mile walking cool down? That way you're not breaking your body down before the half, but you still have the mental confidence that you've already got the distance under your feet.