Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ok! Ready!

Being me, I decided to go for the 13 miles. I had a lot of work to get done over the weekend, and ended up putting the run off until tonight.

A bit before 6pm I headed out the door, with 6 ShotBloks, 2 Chocolate 9s and my Nathan belt filled with Nuun fruit punch (32 ounces). Hubs got me the belt for my birthday, but it only fits if I wear it high up on my waist. I just don't like the pressure on my belly, but I needed that much liquid with me. I had hung a flashlight from the belt, packed my phone and popped on my reflective hat (thanks Brooks!). I walked for 10 minutes before easing into a run. Pretty much right away I had cramps, but I told myself I could push through it.

0-10 minutes - walking, and nervous about the cramps, but trying to think positive

10-60 minutes - Can I really do this? I'm not even half way! 2 ShotBloks down, 8 ounces of Nuun 

60-70 minutes - If I can get to the half way point in less than 1.5 hours I can make this in under 3 hours! 

70-110 minutes - I got to the half way point in just under 90 minutes! I need a Chocolate 9, and to walk slower to let it settle. 

110-150 minutes - I fought with myself to keep going, trying to run when I could, but my upper thighs were really sore. I was nauseous and tried to drink as much as I could. I really wasn't sure I would finish.

150-180 minutes - Encouraging text messages kicked me into walking faster, and trying a few more steps of running. I couldn't eat anything, but I finished up my Nuun.Somewhere around this time I didn't want anymore music, and just listened to the quiet of the night and my footfall. 

180-185 minutes - I knew I was going to make it! I wanted to run more, but I just couldn't. I pushed to keep walking fast. 

185-193 minutes - The mantra in my head: 'strong and quick' as I came back to the house! 

12.7 miles in 193 minutes 
(I hit the wrong button so I don't have the exact time, but it was less than 3:15:00)

I thought I did 13 miles, but when I went back I realized I took a slightly shorter way home and ended up completing 12.7 miles.My estimates, based on Runner's World Pace Calculator, have me around 15:30/mile to do the entire the 13.1 the way I did the 12.7 tonight. If my belly wasn't so flipsy flopsy I KNOW I could have pushed more running. I think it's the ShotBloks. I don't have another distance before the half (WWOOOOWWWWW), so I will just keep to eating bland in the next few weeks and try to sneak in some Nuun and some Chocolate 9 to see how it fares on my tummy. I also know that adrenaline will help too, so I'm actually not too worried about being able to complete it. Unless something goes wrong, I can do it.

13.1 MILES 

I have an important meeting in the morning that needs more prep. I finished my chocolate milk (Hubs made it for me while I was running because he is amazing!) 

What realizations are y'all having these days? 

Night! Night! 


  1. woohoo! I'm so excited for you! :D

  2. Yeah KT!!! *does happy running dance* :)

  3. Just keep telling yourself, "not everyone can do this!" You are doing great things girl.

  4. Congrats on the almost 13 mile run,I think that will help you immensely. I have my first half marathon this coming Saturday and am afraid because I have only ever gone 11 - praying adrenaline will carry me that extra 2.1 miles!

  5. Thanks everyone! Jenn you'll do great, and the adrenaline will totally carry you through. Just keep thinking positive thoughts and reminding yourself why you're out there!