Monday, September 26, 2011

I Won.... Participant

I have the medal I earned for running the Disney 5k last winter hanging in my rearview mirror. I won it for participating, which I'm totally ok with! I will be bringing home another medal for participation this weekend after my HALF MARATHON!!!! 

I can't believe this time next week when I get in my car the medal will be hanging there, and I'll have to find a new spot for the 5k medal.

What do you do with mementos? Are you a pack rat or can you easily let go of that kind of stuff?


  1. I keep all of my participation medals on a hook in my bedroom- I also keep my bibs from my races. Looking at them remind me why I run - they're great for when I'm dragging!

    pS congrat in advance on the half!!!!!!!

  2. I am a total pack rat! I have my "race box" with medals and souvenirs from races in it. I'm in the process of working on my race bib scrapbook - so bibs and other things (parking passes, wrist bands, etc...) will be in that. I had a medal hanger made, I just haven't put it up on the wall yet. Once that is up I am going to spend hours staring at my medals! And of course I'll make sure to dust them frequently so they stay pretty and shiny!

    Be sure to show us all your new medal when you get it!!

  3. I hang my bibs up on my bedroom wall and hang the medals on the end of a book shelf. I also hang up any pix the kids color with regard to running on that wall. :) I guess I'm not much of a decorator - but I like what I see!

  4. I like a scrapbook idea, thanks! Right now my past bibs are hanging on my motivational poster, and are just stapled on top of each other.

    I will definitely post pics! Thanks!

  5. My boys take mine!! Good luck with the 1/2!