Saturday, August 13, 2011

On the Mend

I never got in the rest of the miles to complete my 9.5 mile run that was scheduled last week; I was too sick.  My cough is still pretty nasty, but I am going to run this afternoon. I am planning to do 3 miles today with a short run tomorrow and then go all out for the 11 miles on Tuesday. If I feel like I can do the 11 miles today then I'll go for it, but I will see once I'm on the t'mill. My shorter runs haaaaave to be outside. There are 7 weeks left until my race - SEVEN WEEKS! I simply need to be conditioned for the heat.

I'm starting to also think about what I should wear on race day. Do I want to go fun, Disney? Do I want to just put ribbon in my hair? Do I want to come up with something to pin on myself about my Dad? So many decisions! How do y'all decide what to wear to honor people when you race?

1 comment:

  1. Jack says you should run the whole race in a Darth Vader mask (you can borrow his if you don't have one). While I certainly don't disagree, I think a pin or something to honor your dad and/ or grandmother will bring you peace and reinforce your faith in yourself should it at any point begin to waver. Is there room in your sports bra for a couple of tiny photographs? That's one way to keep 'em close to your heart...