Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunwarrior Protein Powder Review

I am always looking for a good protein powder that has a high level of protein with a lower number of calories minus that awful chemical flavor. Awhile back I got in touch with Sunwarrior and asked them if they would send me some samples. I reviewed a bit about them a while back, but here are all of my thoughts. Not only are they happy to send samples, but they were friendly, shipped them quickly and included a hand-written note with them! I got a sample packet of the chocolate, vanilla and natural. Each package was a decent size, and allowed me at 2-3 servings per packet.

These guys are raw and vegan as well as GMO-free and gluten-free, super cool!

I tried the vanilla first, as it is my favorite flavor. It was a great flavor, not the chemical taste that I normally find with protein powders. As usual, I mixed it into my soy and almond milk to have a few hours before a run. The texture was a bit gritty, but I think if I had shaken harder it would have been less gritty.

Next, I tried the chocolate, but I used half of it for drinking in my milk and the other half for adding to my cereal in the morning. It was super yummy mixed into cereal!

I held off on trying the plain as I was nervous what it would taste like. I must admit I didn't ever try it mixed into my milk, I added it to smoothies and the date, fig protein balls. I couldn't detect it, neither the taste or texture was impacted. Score!

It costs $48.95 to buy it from Sunwarrior, plus  almost $12 for shipping is expensive. Though, if you buy protein powders from GNC or the other places it's about the same cost and a lot more chemicals! You can buy a value pack (3 of the bags) for $117.48, and that waives the shipping fee. I think I might go that route, after I check Amazon to see if I can get it a bit cheaper, but they were so nice I much prefer to suppor them directly.

I suggest you check them out and give them a try. In their mission statement they do mention a higher power, and I don't know whether they support any religious groups or political groups with their profits, products etc. /begin personal belief rant/ I also get a little creeped out by their talk about 'elevating humanity'. I really feel that we have elevated humans too much on this planet, and must remember that we have to fit into the cycle of the planet. I'm not saying they don't agree with my view, especially given their other statements regarding the treatment of the planet. I just would like to explicitly hear that we part of the system, not the top of the system. /end personal belief rant/

If you contact them, they will send you samples: support@sunwarrior.com. You can also check them out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sunwarrior?sk=info

*I was in no way compensated for my review of these samples.*