Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Morning Run

 A 1/2 a Muscle Milk drink and 1 caffeinated Shot Blok later I was out the door to the gym for an early morning run. Oh, and water, I drank water before and during my run this morning. No belly issues. No energy issues. Score. 
 Exercise Summary
Exercise DescriptionDurationCalories
Running: 12 min/mile (5 mph) ~ 0% Incline10 min.106
Running: 15 min/mile (4 mph) ~ 0% Incline10 min.75
Running: 12 min/mile (5 mph) ~ 0% Incline1 min.11
Running: 15 min/mile (4 mph) ~ 0% Incline2 min.15
Running: 12 min/mile (5 mph) ~ 0% Incline2 min.21
Running: 15 min/mile (4 mph) ~ 0% Incline1 min.8
Running: 13.5 min/mile (4.4 mph) ~ 0% Incline4 min.37
Total30 min.273

What you see there is the entry into My Food Diary for my run this morning, which came in at 2.26 miles. I had been thinking that running at 5.0mph was a 10 minute mile, but 6.0mph is a 10 minute mile. Oh well, 5.0mph is still fast for me. I was determined to do 10 minutes at 5.0 then a cool down of running at 4.0 and then the last 10 minutes at sprinting. I was surprised at how easy it felt! I think my sprint speed needs to be bumped up higher than 5.0 and I must spend more of my short runs at 4.4mph and 5.0mph. w00t w00t 

2.26 miles, 30 minutes, 13minute16second pace


  1. I love how you chart your run so detailed! I never have recorded my info so clearly, and I imagine it would probably help....maybe I'll give it a try :) Nice work on the sprinting!

  2. Thanks! Sometimes I would probably enjoy running more if I didn't track every detail, but it really helps me.