Monday, June 27, 2011

Boot Camp - Week 2

Reluctantly I went to Boot Camp tonight, knowing that it would be hard. The regular instructor was out this week, as she chipped a bone when she fell during class last week. Youch! I had a turkey and salami sandwich about 40 minutes before class, a caffeinated Shot Blok and a 5 hour energy right before class. I started out strong, but was careful to take it a bit slower knowing that I needed to make it through an hour. 30 minutes in I was a sweaty, tired mess. The last 30 minutes were tough, and I took breaks. Throughout the entire course I modified exercises as I needed, sometimes right off the bat and sometimes 1/2 way through the exercise. I was self conscious about all the breaks and modifications.

Looking into the mirror I struggled to stay positive, telling myself this would only help in the long run and not to be discouraged at all the breaks I was taking or the low weights I was using. I was there and that's what counted most! I also thought a lot about the 1/2 and how strong I was getting! I also took it a weeeeeeee bit easier in hopes of being able to run tomorrow. I didn't do the 1 mile today that I had hoped, so I will start off with that 5.0mph mile and then try to cool down with a 10 minute run at 4.0 and then see if I can do the last 10 minutes with sprints.

Aside from peanut brittle mess (it didn't set up right, but sure tasted good!) I did well today nutritionally. My fat intake was a bit high, but I had plenty of veggies and lean protein. I even opted for the high fiber tortilla for my pizza tonight instead of the super yummy, homemade dough everyone else was using. I'm spoiled not just because Hubs is a great cook, but because he will alter recipes for me, track the ingredients and quantities of what he makes so I can enter it into MFD and generally do what he can to make it possible for me to log my food.

We are having company for dinner tomorrow night, so I will be heading to the gym in the am, which means, my dears, that I am off to bed.

Oh, duh! We set up Wii Fit tonight and it was more fun than I expected. I don't think it would ever replace a full workout or class at the gym, but it's a great thing to shuffle through when I don't want to leave the house and need something to pick me up.

Anyone else have Wii Fit? What do you think of it? It's strange to use a video game and a television as a means to working out, no?

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  1. Ah yes, wii fit. WE got that right after our third kid and it totally helped me lose some baby fat until I was ready for more activity. I can remember being so competitive with my husband on the hula hooping.