Thursday, June 30, 2011

I WILL Run Tonight

Hubs and I switched sides of the bed the other night, which was something we used to do all the time. Apparently we are out of that habit. I kept, in my sleep of course, trying to get back to my side and he kept pushing me back to his side. Then last night we switched back to our respective sides, but he must have been concerned I'd try to take his side; I woke up not once, but twice with elbows in my eyes. So, needless to say I stalked caught up on the goings on in your lives instead of staying in bed.

I am focused on getting in my 1/2 hour run tonight, and hopefully I can do a few sprints at 5.5mph tonight and a longer burst of 4.4mph instead of 4.0mph. Right now, I am going to go see if my niece will go to the running store with me to get some Body Glide so I can try it out tonight.

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday!


  1. HAHA! My best marriage investment was a king bed. We switch sides sometimes but staying on our sides to sleep and having lots of space = 5 years happily married. : ) ~Running 4 Two

    PS-- I really wish google would let me sign in!!

  2. let me know how you like the body glide...i need to get some too!

  3. Thats funny.. I have never switched sides with my man... I dont think I could sleep on his side of the bed...

    Have a great run!