Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shot Bloks and Protein Bites

I pushed my Friday run to yesterday, which wasn't my plan. The thing is, I hadn't planned on it taking 2 hours to get home. Traffic? Psh, too easy. There is a loop road around Jacksonville, which I didn't get off and around I went....

Yesterday after the blueberry festival and a nap, I powered up with water, Shot Bloks and Power Bar's Protein Bites. I tried them at the Disney Expo last January, and they were pretty good. Mixed with the Shot Bloks, they definitely seemed to do the trick. I also really like the resealable pouch; I hope they sell them in bulk. 

A short run was on the docket for yesterday, and I started off at a faster pace (5.0mph) and tapered off to 4.5mph, then 4.2 and finally stayed at 4.0. I ran for 30 minutes, and did a cool-down after, with a decent amount of stretching since I am getting a longer distance in today. 

Total distance: 2.3 miles in 33 minutes, but that includes my warm-up. 

I would like to get in 6 miles today, but it might not happen since I am helping to get the foundation for our shed set today. I am letting my bagel and peanut butter settle a few more minutes and then heading to the gym. It's hot now, so I am letting the gym run the fans and the AC instead of me. Hey, that's part of why I pay for a membership right? 

Oh, and don't forget - once I hit 50 followers, I will do a giveaway! 


  1. I love shot bloks, I just learned about them this year. Good luck on getting in your 6 miles today! I am hoping the rain will let up so I can get out and run.

  2. Good luck on your run! THe Power Bar bites look pretty good. I saw some Gatorade ones earlier at Target that I was contemplating trying but I wasn't sure how they would sit in my stomach. Any problems with the Power Bar ones?

  3. CupCake, I found the Protein Bites did not upset my belly. I ate all, but two, in the package and gave myself about 30-40 minutes before I went for my run. I also had taken 4 Tums though, because I have definite heartburn issues and was concerned.

  4. Hope you made it to the gym! I'm sitting on the recliner contemplating my run... really just need to get out and do it! I feel like I get really into running and then taper off and lose motivation, and then bounce back and forth in that state perpetually. I also realized that I LOVE your blog and I have no idea why I am not already a follower!!! But, I will do that now!!! :)

  5. Thanks Jenna! I'm glad you enjoy it. I try hard to be honest, but also not sound as if all I am doing is complaining and not making progress.