Sunday, May 22, 2011

5.82 on a Sunday Morning

13:35 - This is my average pace for the 10k I did in February. It was 6.4 miles and it took me 1hr27mins.
15:48 - This is my average pace for the distance run I did today. It was 5.82 miles and it took me 1hr32mins.

Wahoo!!! I did a good job, again, of taking my Shot Bloks and drinking during my run. I also, grumble grumble, took walk breaks. It's so hard for me to accept this as acceptable when I'm out for a 'run'. After today, especially, the point was made even clearer. I felt good after my run, granted my knees were sore. I attribute it to the walk breaks, sticking at 4.0mph for running and 3.0mph for walking.

I have to keep up with my 3 runs per week, as I am now really in the midst of 1/2 training. Before, I could slack off because I had more time, but that has passed. It's ok. I do better under "pressure" anyways.

I also did work outside today (a breezy 100 degree day), with laying pavers for the foundation to our new shed. After a few hours, I couldn't cool down enough/quickly so we called it a day, changed, packed the dogs and headed to the beach. Living 1 mile from the beach is really incredible! I complain that the .4 miles further we are now since buying our home is just too much, but I don't really mean it. The beach was perfect! My shrimp and snapper dinner (broiled and blackened) was also great.

It's just about time for me to head to bed.

Oh, the pups are on a new health regiment now too. We are switching them off of processed dog food and onto raw food. We will supplement as needed and monitor their weight, activity level and allergy levels (one of them is quite prone to skin allergies etc), but are feeling confident that the benefits of feeding them raw and/or unprocessed will do wonders for both of them. I'll keep you updated, especially since one of them is an official running partner. I think I need to sew him a bandana for his collar when we are running!!

Welcome to my 47th follower, only 3 more to go before it's giveaway time! Ok, really now. Sleep well blogger world! See you tomorrow!


  1. I'm so jealous you live so close to the beach! Great job on your run! To answer your q about my knee's similar to a knee brace, but is just a strap rather than a whole sleeve of material. It's to help with runner's knee (if you have that grinding or clicking in your knee from running). It kind of helps keep the bone in place more or less.

  2. Thanks! It's really wonderful living so close to the beach. I don't think I have that problem with my knees. I think they just get tired after a long run, but I will keep the strap in mind and mention it to my husband.

  3. Stumbled across your blog.. Looking foward to following your journey.. Nice Run!

  4. I do much better under pressure too! You're so lucky to live so close to the beach. I'm glad you had such a good weekend! I hope your knee behaves itself!

  5. What training program are you using for your training? Just curious since i'm going to start my training in a few months. I don't really know when I'll need to start (my 1/2 is Nov. 11th). I think I'll use that Hal guys one but not sure. Thanks for you comments and encouragement...means the world. :)

  6. Thanks Kittee and Jen! Running Mama, I am following the Jeff Galloway program, which is 2 short runs per week and 1 long run.

    This starts on 5/32, but is the same as the others they put up for the other races so I am doing 5 miles for my long runs at this point.