Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brooks Review #2 - Women's Equilibrium Long Sleeve Shirt

     I did a slightly shorter version of my normal loop this morning, which came out to 1.9 miles. It took me a little longer than usual, though I included a  (longer than normal) warm-up in my time. Including my 8 minute warm up it took me 38 minutes, so I kept a 15 minute mile pace. This is slow for me. I am slow after most of a week off and all the yummy food I ate last week. I generally eat a low fat, low sodium diet, but that was not easy to do last week with a chef in the house! Don't worry though, I thoroughly enjoyed my homemade biscuits and homemade fried chicken that was served with fresh from the farmers' market spinach that was cooked with live oil, garlic and onion. Oh, don't forget the bacon; it was cooked with bacon.

     It was chilly this morning, chilly for Florida in March at 55 degrees... I paired a pair of running shorts my new Brooks shirt that they sent me, which was very similar to the one I reviewed here. It had the same great silk feeling against my skin, but was long sleeve to help offset the chill. I think it was this one, also an Equilibrium. They sent me the red and black one with the white stripes, which is a little different than the one to which I linked. It was just heavy enough to keep my arms and upper body warm while I got going, but then it did the same magical sweat wicking, temperature gauging of the short sleeve version. I had the same problem with the hem riding up as I did with the other shirt. I think as long as I embracing spandex I might go all the way and just tuck the shirts in! ;) As I said in my other review, I will definitely seek out more of these. Normally I throw all of my clothes into the dryer, on tumble dry, but I think I will begin line drying these shirts and the capris. I want them to last as long as possible because they are expensive and because they make such a difference in how comfortable I am when I run. Thanks Brooks!

Disclaimer: I was not persuaded by Brooks in any way regarding my review of their product. I received their shirt for free, but did not receive any other compensation for my review. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions on how I came to do this review or the agreement under which I made this review.


  1. How are you getting these free shirts from Brooks? That's awesome!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I emailed Brooks customer service explaining my blog and asking if I could review for them. They contacted me for more information about my blog and then started sending me free stuff. One item doesn't fit quite right so I am going to use it as a giveaway item!

  3. You know what would keep those spandex shirts from riding up on you? A fanny pack! But seriously, it would.

    I'm sorry... I'm just jealous of your living in a climate where 55 degrees feels "chilly." Glad the shirts are working out for you. Good idea about line-drying. Mechanical dryers really do alter synthetic fabrics.

  4. Don't worry I definitely deserved that one! :) I won't tell you about my morning since you have sick kido and I don't want to make you feel any worse. Send him hugs for me!

  5. We want more pictures of your in your running gear!


  6. You realize that I have thrown all modesty to the wind and now run in lots of spandex type materials, right? If you are really sure you know what you're getting yourself into, I will get the husband to take some good before and after pictures of me this weekend for my 10k. :)