Sunday, March 6, 2011

Brooks Review #1 - Women's Equilibrium SS Running Shirt

For my run on Thursday I tried out one of the shirts that Brooks sent me. It was the Equilibrium SS in 'winter plum/orchid ice, size medium.
I wore this shirt for my speed work, which took me 40 minutes and was done on the treadmill. Comfort is the main attribute I look for in running clothes, which for me is gauged by how well the item breathes and how well it stays in place. I also consider cost, but sometimes you just can't find what you're looking for on the sale rack.

1. How well it breathes - 15 minutes into the run I was sweating, and was glad that my husband was home to turn the fan up for me. This shirt was un-phased by my sweating. In fact I didn't even realize it was wet until I actually touched it and felt the coolness of the fabric. My skin wasn't clammy and the shirt wasn't sticking to me. And the best part? After my run I took a sniff of the shirt and there was no awful sweat smell. Granted, it was my first time wearing it, but some shirts just smell gross. On a side note, I have good luck battling that smell when I throw a few glugs of white vinegar into the workout clothes wash.

2. How well it stays in place - I have big hips. Frankly given the grief they put me through during the low-rise pant craze and the countless number of empire waisted dresses that I have had to pass up, they owe me. Drive through childbirth is the least they can do for me. The Equilibrium SS has a long waist that rests right at the widest point of my hips. For normal hip to ratio people this would be likely be fine, but for me it meant the shirt kept riding up during my run. Eventually I let it go, and found that it landed quite nicely between my waist and my shorts. It's possible that if I lose 10 pounds the shirt won't ride up anymore.

The best part of the shirt was the way it felt against my skin, like silk. My first thought when I put it on was, 'I am so wearing this for my 1/2 marathon'. My second thought was, 'How much are these because I don't think I ever want to run in anything else'.

Summary: At $36 per shirt (I was able to find it cheaper by doing a Google shopping search, I would definitely look to buy it for less online. I would also try on the large for comparison, but would be happy to stay in the medium. You certainly can run in inexpensive cotton clothes, but having the right gear makes an incredible difference. I will definitely be looking into purchasing more of these. Thanks Brooks!

Disclaimer: I was not persuaded by Brooks in any way regarding my review of their product. I received their shirt for free, but did not receive any other compensation for my review. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions on how I came to do this review or the agreement under which I made this review.


  1. That is a cute shirt! I do need/want more running clothes so I may need to do some shopping... :)

  2. Cute shirt! I think the riding up might drive me nuts. I tend to like things a little bit longer as well.

  3. Way to get a free product to review! Great idea. And thanks for the nice comment over at RunCourtneyRun's blog. I was her guest blogger today, and I really appreciate it. :)

  4. Thanks Ladies! I really did like the shirt, and I really do plan on getting more. I couldn't believe how soft they were to wear!

  5. Awesome! The shirt sounds pretty cool... I may have to check them out! I really like the color combo/design.

  6. I always feel a shirt before I decide if I want to try it on...that one sounds super comfy!

    The PB crumbles arent crunchy...kind of in the middle of crunchy and creamy if that makes sense? They have a little chew.

    Have a great night!

  7. A blend of crunchy and creamy actually sounds pretty amazing! I definitely do recommend the shirts! I found closeout sales from last year online and I plan to buy 2 of them!

  8. You look great, first of all. Glowey. Is that a word? You look healthy AND happy! Athletic clothing is rarely as flattering as this cute little shirt is, and since I'm terribly vain in my old age, that will be a factor once I'm motivated enough to leave the couch.

    And I know it isn't ideal, but a couple of well-placed safety pins might keep the hem south of your navel while you're running!

  9. Thanks for the tip about the white vinegar. Do you use that in addition to regular soap? I'll have to try it in my bf's laundry to see if it can finally rid his shirts of the pit smells. :)

  10. Very cute shirt! And you look great in it! Love the pony tails!

  11. If glowey is another way of saying 'buckets of sweat' then absolutely! Seriously, it is amazing how good I feel after running. If I take enough time to stretch I feel like pretty much unstoppable.

    Angie, I do just add the vinegar to the regular soap. Sometimes I use the soap and about 1 cup of baking soda with about 4 seconds worth of pouring vinegar. Other times I forgo the baking soda (it can dull colors after a while) and just glug in the vinegar. I think it might act as a fabric softener too.
    Thanks Jen! The pigtails are the only way to keep it all contained. Well, pigtails and a plethora of bobby pins!

  12. You look very cute in the shirt! (The side stripes are a good aesthetic).

    I use vinegar as my softener in all my laundry, I pour it into the softener slot. It works nicely to reduce static and help things to rinse cleanly, and the clothes don't smell like vinegar. I don't know where the smell goes.