Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!

I don't mean to neglect you so! There has been much demand from my adoring audience for another post. Here is a brief one, and a longer one on my goals will follow soon.

I didn't do Jillian on Sunday, but instead did 3 segments, 10 minutes each, with my niece. I also did an intense 20ish minute session with my cousin. She is a personal trainer and has a similar personality to me, so I worked hard for the time I was with her. I learned new moves and am excited to work them into my Friday workout. She also told me that for a runner (she called me a runner!) I was flexible (she compared me to other runners!)!

55 degrees and sunny is a wee bit chilly for my run, but given how I feel today I welcome the bit of chill.

As for my goals, I realized a lot in the last few days. My goals are still not quite ready for February, which I know seems like an excuse, but it's really not. These goals are challenging, but more importantly, realistic and sustainable. I don't want to just complete this 1/2 marathon I want to do it injury free and with my love for running stronger, not just in tact.

Speaking of running, it's time to suit up and head out!

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