Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm Becoming a Real Runner

I decided that running outside was not for me, with temperatures in the mid-30's. I moved to Florida for just that reason. I spent $15 for a day pass to a gym that was recommended to me by my cousin. It was worth the $15! The staff was friendly, there were a lot of machines and the facility was clean, bright and positive. It's all women, which I appreciated. I was going to do my distance run and then take a step class. I love step classes! Besides, I might as well get the most out of my $15. I got there later than I expected and my commitment was to do my distance today.

Including my 4 minutes of walking, I did a total of 70 minutes and went exactly 5 miles. My knees were hurting by the end of it, and I think my next post will be in regards to my goals for February as well about avoiding injury. I think February's goals are going to have to have a focus on getting stronger in my supporting muscles.

These are the thoughts of real runners, huh?


  1. I wish I had access to an women only gym... It sounds wonderful!
    Of course, the gym we have here isn't too bad. Good thing, since I'm stuck with it! lol.

    And I can relate to your need for more strength... Up until this past Thursday, I was slacking horribly in my cross training. Once I did it, though, I realized how much I desperately need to keep doing it!

  2. It was great! The atmosphere was so different, and I don't usually notice myself feeling intimidated by working out around me. I guess it's something that I don't notice because it's always there, so to have an experience without it was really eyeopening. I find there are usually classes at the gym that attract mostly, or all, women. Could you try to get into one of those if your gym offers classes?