Thursday, February 3, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I wasn't interested in running in the rain this morning, so I headed upstairs for the treadmill. I was surprised at how reluctant I was to use the treadmill. I have really enjoyed running outside, but I decided to forgo the rain, thunder and lightening. 

I went with a longer warm-up than usual, as I was sore from Jillian last night. I upped my weight last and did some of the moves without the beginner 'cheats', but I can't believe how sore I am not feeling. I moved from a brisk walk into a light run, which is normally my distance pace - about 4mph. I started off switching back and forth between running 2 minutes at 4.0mph and running 1 minute at 6.0mph. After a few reps I added in an extra minute of running at 4.0mph to help bring my heart rate down more. I kept at this for 34 minutes before cooling down. A nice bit of speed work to get me motivated for my weekend away from home. I am excited to visiting family, but nervous about sticking to my workouts. With a high of 27 degrees today, I am not looking forward to hitting the streets for my distance run on Saturday. If I really can't bare it, I will deal with the cost of a day membership and get my miles in on a treadmill. 

I am still mulling over my goals for February. I did this last month too, but the extra thought and effort is important. I hit all of my goals last month and want to be sure I am positioned for the same success this month. My plane boards soon and I must hunt down a good compliment to my kale chips for the ride. 

Catch y'all in the land of the ice and snow. 

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