Friday, November 16, 2012

Be a hill seeker

Be a Hill Seeker (via EnthusiasticRunner)I found this saying on Hungry Runner's blog. It's quite fitting since I am incorporating hills into my workouts now. It's slowing me down, but I know the Princess 1/2 has those beveled ramps so I'm preparing this time around. My time is improving as is my stamina. This time around I am also incorporating more cross training, which I know helps. It may make it harder to recover day to day, but overall fitness will do more for my time than focusing on just getting in miles. 

I have missed my distance runs these past two weeks, and so tomorrow I am on deck for 8, maybe 9, miles. A big jump!! Time doesn't matter, only getting the miles covered and being sure to treat myself well in recovery. 

My weight is trending downwards still, which is very motivating. It's just absolutely, critically imperative for me to log my food in order to have success with losing weight. These stickers are also helping to keep me motivated. I'm not very good at deciding when I deserve one, but it helps keep me thinking in the direction of positiveness and encouragement. 
How do you keep motivated? Is it a challenge to reward yourself? 

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