Monday, January 23, 2012

It Really Is That Simple

Since the beginning of the month (Tuesday the 3rd, specifically) my workouts have looked like this:

8 yoga classes
4 power pump classes
3 bootcamp classes
1 pilates class
1 run

That explains why I am feeling so much stronger! It is also a part of the reason that I am craving so many carbohydrates! It is definitely to keep up with the energy I am burning. There is also a lot of evidence that indicates carbohydrate cravings are related to serotonin. I don't doubt this at all, expecially at this time of year.  Long, personal story really short? My husband and I were married on January 26, 2008 - 1 week before my father passed away from cancer. It's a mix of the most bitter and most sweet,
intensified by the fact that my mood had always oscillated in the winter. 

How am I coping this year? My workouts are definitely helping, think a kick in the face to cancer when doing bicycle crunches or smooshing away sadness when pushing up into cobra pose. All that pizza I ate? The goldfish I craved (but are still sitting in my cabinet) the other night? I definitely blame that on a need for more endorphins and feel good chemicals pumping through my body. Sounds to me like I need to try some jumping jacks or jump roping or when my thoughts wander to buttery toast and bowls of cereal. It really isn't a mystery!

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