Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wrap-up from Yesterday

After dropping Hubs at work (the rain kept him from riding in on his motorcycle), I headed to the gym. I intended to do sprints, and only for about 20 minutes. My legs weren't too tired and I felt good, but I just didn't get into the groove of starting and stopping by the clock. I did a few sprints, one minute each, but headed for the weights when my 20 minutes were up. 

I did a solid round of abs work with the yoga ball, plank and push-ups. I was debating whether to go back and do more on the treadmill. I was telling myself that I had given the time I had said, and that was enough. I couldn't shake what I knew was true - I owed it to myself to do another 20 minutes. The first round on the t'mill was much more of a warmup than anything I had the right to call a workout. I would not ignore that feeling my gut and let my self get away with the bare minimum anymore. Why hello there! My conscience, I presume!? I didn't push it for those 20 minutes, since I had done a lot of abs work. I kept my speed under 4.0mph and just ran for 20 minutes; feeling satisfied that I had done right by my goals and my health. 

Yesterday's food:

Breakfast: Cereal (kashi honey, granola) with milk, Tangerine
Snack 1: Chocolate #9 after my workout
Snack 2: 2 small cups of coffee - no sugar, mixed with skim milk and 1/2 and 1/2
Lunch: Tomato soup with croutons, Caesar salad, Hunk of bread
Snack: 2 tangerines, Almonds
Dinner: Pasta with feta, salad dressing and chicken breast (to hold me over while dinner was cooking), Orange juice, Chicken gyoza on Swiss chard

I was tired and hungry when I got home yesterday. It hadn't been a bad day, but it was long and I was too hungry. I wanted to eat and eat until I felt relaxed. Instead, I had some of the pasta and orange juice to kick my sugar level back up and got lost in Breaking Bad instead of eating mindlessly. I need room to make these choices, and go through these steps of being fully committed to my workouts and paying attention to how I feel when I eat. I am working now to make sure my days have space for this work because I need time to make these changes. I can't expect these changes to stick if I shove them in on the periphery of my schedule. It's not easy to make and take time for myself, but I must or this lifestyle I seek will never really be mine. 

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