Saturday, September 3, 2011

5th Day of Monster Month - It's Not Pretty, It's the Truth

Yesterday was the 5th day of Monster Month and I learned some things, which means it wasn't a great day for my initial goals.

First things first - drinking is just completely out for this month. I had a drink with dinner (Bailey's and almond milk), and it contributed to my upset belly. More importantly I have no idea what's in the Bailey's, but I can make a safe guess that's it would not get the MM seal of approval.

I was doing good throughout the day, enjoying my homemade bread (a wheat bread with walnuts and flax seed in it that Hubs will not only eat, but wants to have again) and breakfast smoothie. As dinner approached, things didn't go so well. We had our regular movie night company, and I had another big piece of the bread before dinner. I ate my salad first, but then also at the big bowl of ham and beans (homemade, yum!) that I was served. I knew going into that bowl I was full, but I didn't stop eating. In fact, I finished it and then waited a bit before taking a biscuit (homemade, they're the best).

My belly was full and my heartburn was on its way. I spent time thinking about it and Friday night movie night has become just as much about the dinner as the movie. We often have dessert for movie night, too. I think a few simple changes will help me have better movie nights:

1. No more drinking (even though it was one drink, it just upsets my belly too much)

2. Portion out the meal all at once, so I see in front of me all of what I have to eat

3. Take a minute before eating to remind myself of my goals and take inventory of how I am feeling (how hungry am I? how upset is my heartburn? etc)

4. When all else fails, tell Hubs to get on my case. 

Food Summary
Snack #1953.0g15.0g2.0g
Snack #266331.7g86.5g10.8g
Snack #332811.8g38.5g3.1g
Percentage of Calories 1

   1  Typical Percentages: Fat 20-35%, Carbohydrates 45-65%, and Protein 10-35%.

Those numbers are yick, and I am not proud to post them to all of you. However, that's #5 - accountability and commitment is a big deal for me. I said I was going to do Monster Month, and yesterday was set back, but telling all of you it was a set back is the worst part. I am committed to making this month great, and I will not yesterday happen again because it hurt my pride, my belly and my goals. 

That's the nutrition part of yesterday, but then there's the injured leg part of yesterday. Pups got 2 trips to the beach yesterday, and the second one was a play date. Things were great until I got run into, much like Hubs had happen to him a few months back. Luckily for me, the point of impact was just below my knee. I won't be running 12.5 or any miles this weekend, and I have a nasty bruise that needs to heal, but I will recover in time to still run my half. My time might be slowed a bit, but I am not out of the game. Phew.

The dog pack into my leg made me realize reminded me just how much I want this. 'This' being running and faster times and the pride (and yes, the attention) that goes along with racing and running. When it first happened and the bruise hadn't quite defined itself and the whole area hurt, I did think I might be out of the race. A voice inside me said that wasn't all bad - it was a great excuse. I'm not going to be as fast as I could be, should be, want to be and it's my own fault, but I can quit now and have a legit excuse. I let hindsight overshadow the future sometimes, but I looked it in the face yesterday and told it to stop. I want this race. I want to be a runner. I want to love my body. It's taking longer to get here than I would have liked, but I am lining up all my ingredients for a healthy and sustainable change. 

So, let's all raise our glass of electrolyte enhanced water to earning the MM seal of approval! 

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