Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monster Month - 3rd Day

Breakfast: Luna chocolate coconut power bar (more ingredients than I would have liked, but I needed something fast on my way out the door and I didn't think of peanut butter)

Snack: Smoothie - bananas, blueberries, mango, peach yogurt, almond milk, protein powder

Lunch: Hummus (homemade, hurrah!) with carrots and cucumbers, I also had an energy gel that was yummy and helped keep me going through a long afternoon meeting (I'll review it this weekend)

Snack: Frittata with brown rice and peanut sauce, dried mango slices

Dinner: Chicken with lettuce, salsa, plain yogurt (the best sour cream alternative!) and tortilla chips

I was still hungry and craving something sweet, but I had some more chips with salsa/yogurt. 

I did not run tonight. My legs are tired and my calves are sore. In order to complete my 12.5 miles this weekend I need my legs to feel better than they do right now. I stretched a lot and did other strength exercises, but no running. I am hoping to get a short run in tomorrow, but it'll depend on how my legs feel. I won't overdo it and risk injuring myself and jeopardizing the 1/2. 

Daily stats (A little higher in total calories than I would have liked given the type of workout I had tonight, but I still had a good day overall with lots of balanced foods): 

Food Summary
Snack #11907.0g25.0g9.0g
Snack #250013.3g66.0g23.5g
Percentage of Calories 1
   1  Typical Percentages: Fat 20-35%, Carbohydrates 45-65%, and Protein 10-35%.


  1. I hope your legs are feeling better by this weekend. Homemade Hummus. I love hummus. I hear it is pretty easy to make.

  2. It's funny you should say that; this was my first successful batch ever. Everyone else I know seems to think it's super easy, but for some reason I just never got the proportions right.