Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life Snuck In

I split from work early yesterday because I had hit my weekly hour cap. I headed for the gym and got in a short run and a long session of stretching and lifting. It was really nice, except the shin splints during my run.

I hadn't planned to go to the gym that early in the day so I had my gym bag, but no extra clothes or toiletries. I learned that I need to stock my gym bag, heavens knows it big enough!

I also wanted to share a few things that I've learned since working out and a confession or two:

1. Sweat + blowdryer = no need for a flatiron. It took me a long time to figure out how not to wash my hair after a workout. Simple. Just blow dry the sweat! Sometimes after I blow it dry I sprinkle in some cornstarch to the crown of my head. Works wonders!

2. Sometimes after I run or workout really hard at night I don't shower. It's gross and bad for my skin, yes, but sometimes I am just too tired.

3. I can always tell if I've exerted myself enough during a workout if I don't even contemplate wearing a piece of my outfit again. Yes, there were times that I would wear my sports bra for 2 workouts before washing.

4. Underwear specifically and only for running is a really nice treat.

What things do you do that only the most trustworthy people know? Mine is definitely the showering one.

I didn't get my run in today. Max Pup injured himself while we were out this morning. We brought him to the vet and he ended up with 2 stitches. He's home and doing ok now, but we have to keep him calm and quiet. The vet's office was wonderful! They were totally booked and close at 1pm on Saturday. We called around 11:15 and they had us bring him right over. We didn't leave the office until a little after 3! The vet even came out after the procedure and sat down in the waiting room to tell us all about it, explain his decisions and just talk about Max's greatness. It was a scary morning, but we're ok now.

I'm planning on a short run tomorrow with lots of speed work! It's definitely time for bed, now that it's after 1am!


  1. I uh... hate to admit this, but I do the sweat+blow dry thing too. I feel like if I've already done my hair for the day, I shouldn't have to do it again ;)

    Glad to hear your Max is doing ok... it's so scary when our doggy children hurt themselves!

  2. I sometimes don't shower at night either after a hard workout, sometimes I just want to go to bed! Yeah and I wear my sports bra more than once before I wash it if it doesn't stink too bad!

  3. It's actually not all that bad for your body to not shower so frequently, especially if your skin is prone to drying out. I try to make sure I wash my face at night, but don't tend to worry too much about the rest of my body. :)

  4. Thanks Danielle! I can't believe how well it works for my hair! And yes, it was scary! He is much better today, but we're still keeping him separate from the other Pup and he's not getting any adventures.

  5. I'm guilty of most of that. I don't shower a lot at night and if it's just a normal (not extra sweaty) workout, I re-wear my sports bra.

    Hope your puppy heals quickly.

  6. I was just contemplating a post about the gross habits of runners. Im totally not saying your gross. I'm gross. I love the blog and just found it. I hope you will come follow me too!

  7. Phew, I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who wears a sports bra twice!