Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Have Nothing to Say! Oh, Wait, Never Mind. I Do.

Not sure how this happened, but I have nothing to say. I poked around blogs this morning and read some Runner's World, but still I have nothing to say! I could talk about nutrition or gardening or the 1/2 and what I want to do after the 1/2 or cross-training, but I'm just not feeling a long post.

I'll try for a 'Two Things Tuesday'.

1. Breaking in new running shoes. It never occurred to me to wear them around the house to help break them in. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really a girl at all. I've only really learned how to apply eyeliner in the last few years and had no idea about the breaking shoes in at home trick.

2. All drinks are not created equal. Duh. Seriously though, some of the refueling drinks are mostly electrolytes while some are more sugar and others are a blend that give you electrolytes and carbs with or without the caffeine. It's all a matter of finding the right concoction that works for you and your belly. I am still finding out what my go-to cocktail is to stay fueled and hydrated during long runs. I have a container of fruit punch Nuun in my gym bag that I can't wait to try. I don't bust those out unless I'm doing a long run so it's likely going to have to sit there until early next week. Sigh. Don't forget that Hood to Coast starts this weekend! Check it out! These are amazing woman! Some of the Hood to Coast bloggers I follow are: Watch MeGo Run, Will Run for Margaritas, Mom vs. Marathon. Check out their blogs to learn more and find other ladies running Hood to Coast!

I love reading about/following/knowing amazing woman who are role models. I really feel woman who do these kinds of activities are role models. There are so many messages of perfection and sex appeal that young woman get in their lives (and adults too!); it is crucial that they see strong, courageous woman putting themselves and their health as a top priority. Like MeGo said in her post this morning, 'enough' is totally relative. The important part is that we set goals for ourselves and measure success against our own progress, perseverance and dreams.

Ok, maybe I did have some stuff to say. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Loved this! Yea, I'm feeling one of those days too - need to find some inspiration and motivation!

    But Meg is so right - love that girl :)

    Hope you love your new shoes! I need to get some too now that my big races are over...

  2. I want to find a drink that does not taste like gatorade. blah! I have tried many electrolyte drinks and my husband just brought home "Squench". Blerg...
    I like the fortified waters though

  3. Happy Tuesday. I don't usually break shoes in very well either. Sometimes I don't think I passed the girl test.

    I love Nuun too. Although it took a while for my belly to really like it.

  4. I tried GuBrew and it was even worse than Gatorade! I can drink the fruit punch flavor of gatorade, but I don't like it.

    BTW - This was the daily quote from Runner's World this morning. I read it after I read Meg's blog and did my post.

    "Love yourself, for who and what you are; protect your dream and develop your talent to the fullest extent."

    Joan Benoit Samuelson

    I love that - 'protect your dreams'.

  5. This is just my opinion, but I think most people don't really need to worry about the electrolytes until they are going really long, or it's really hot (hence they're sweating a lot). Most of the time, you just need hydration and some fuel (if it's a long enough workout.)

    I actually just do gatorade and sometimes gels - and only on long runs. I haven't trained beyond a half marathon yet though, I suspect I'll reconsider once I'm training even longer.

  6. I think you are probably right, Deb. I know for me that I sweat a lot. A REAL LOT. I can definitely tell the difference when I run more than 5 miles without any type of electrolyte.

    I don't like the consistency of gels, but I too am just about to switch back to gatorade - if I don't like the Nuun.