Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Work Work Work

I am back from another 2 day work trip to Miami. I know it doesn't sound as if I should be exhausted, but both trips (last Monday and Tuesday in Miami and Wednesday at Disney and then this Monday and yesterday) I drove there - 350 miles each way. Then there are the meetings and the running around and the trying to eat things that aren't filled with salt and fat. I stretched and lifted on Monday night, but gave in to the tired yesterday and today = no run. My distance this week is only (haha! I love saying 'only') 3 weeks so it's (more) ok to put my 3 runs together.

Computer off. Lights off. Must sleep.


  1. ok so i know with my work trips it is crazy enough just to get everything in, but if you ever want to run just let me know!! I am happy to take anyone on a run in miami

  2. Cool! I will definitely do my best to catch up with you next time I'm there.

  3. You are a busy lady! I love Miami :)