Thursday, July 28, 2011

Challenge #2 Coming Up

Stretching, kitty snuggling and husband banter put me out the door a bit before 8am for my run. Max and I were ready - me with a date, prune protein ball and 2 caffeinated Shot Bloks in my belly and he with a poop bag tied elegantly around his collar. It was already hot! I definitely want running hats in the cute colors, but the white one I has proven to be the most functional choice because it keeps me from even using sunglasses. I know I should use sunglasses because they block the UV rays that are still damaging my eyes. Christmas is coming so I'll ask Santa for the running hats in cute baby blue or funky orange! Or maybe the One More Mile hat that says,  'I Know Run Like a Girl, Try to Keep Up'. I have the magnet on my fridge and would love the hat!

I walked briskly, ran lightly and then walked briskly. 2 miles and just under 29 minutes later we were back at home, for a nice pace of 14minutes25seconds, which seems much faster than we were really doing. I guess the walking was quite brisk. I was sweating a lot and Max flopped down on the tile floor right next to the water bottle so I guess we were keeping a decent pace. Tonight I am aiming to do a short 15 minutes on the 'mill just to get some more speed in, but this morning was definitely a success.

I have decided that the gift card reward for meeting 2 months of goals went so well last winter that I am bringing it back. (I am also having another giveaway soon, so keep an eye out!) I am going to make another set of goals, which should take me just about to 1/2 day, and have a gift card waiting for me. I'm really not that materialistic, in fact, I usually shop with such purpose that the gift card is a great reward for me.

What sort of goals would you set for yourself for an 8 week period? Would your reward be a gift card?


  1. I love "One More Mile" - they have the best stuff and most clever slogans! They ALL make me smile :) I LOVE your idea of a gift card reward - I might reward myself with a gc to South Moon Under - a local boutique that I love :)

  2. I haven't checked out One More Mile. I could use a new hat. Good job getting out in the heat.

  3. Great job on meeting your goals! I like the idea of a reward. I may have to try that for myself. I bet that would work.

  4. @ I Run Like a Girl - One More Mile is awesome! I discovered them last winter at a race expo and bought the sticker I mentioned and a tank that says 'The miracle isn't that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start'.

    Thanks Jen! I really find that setting the goals goes much better when there is a sweet reward hanging on my fridge. I know my health should be reward enough, but sometimes the gratification needs to be more superficial and fun! :)

  5. ooh I will totally have to check them out!!
    I loves me a good gift card..what a good idea!!