Saturday, July 23, 2011

See Ya Mile 8 Marker

As I mentioned I had to do all my runs back to back this week since I was too tired at the beginning of the week. Thursday my 30 minutes went well and yesterday was scheduled for 8 miles. I was nervous! I decided to wear my Brooks, since I wore my Mizunos for the Thursday run.

What did I eat yesterday before running? A corn muffin and a vanilla protein shake. I filled my water bottle, and added 3/4 of a Gu Brew Peach Tea tablet to the bottle.  I hopped on the treadmill, with the plan to do 60 minutes and then another 60 minutes, since the treadmill doesn't let you do longer than 99 minutes straight. I know at some point I should play with my speed during the distance runs, but they already take so much out of me I don't feel ready for that yet.

I held off on taking some of the 5 hour energy, but sipped the water for the first 25 minutes. I was feeling tired, but worse I was bored. The music wasn't catching my attention and the tvs had nothing that interested me. Time dragged by, until about 45 minutes in when I started to settle into the running.

I finished up my 60 minutes, stopped the treadmill and immediately started it again. The last hour was tough! My lead legs were lumbering and I was starting to feel nauseous. Around the 20 minute mark of the last 60 minute run my belly rumbled and I was scared! I just ignored it and tried to relax, but I was nervous that the electrolyte tabs were upsetting my belly. I had a bit more of the 5 hour energy, which helped and I think was a good choice to spread out over the run (every 30 minutes or so).

The last 15 minutes were not really fun anymore. I wasn't too hot or breathing too hard, but my legs hurt, my feet were tingly and falling asleep and the circulation felt off in my arms too (tingling there a bit too). I held onto the treadmill rails and stretched my neck and circled my toes (all while running, which felt really strange) and shook out my hands. It helped. I listened to my music loud, texted my husband and a colleague at work for motivation and support and told myself that I was only tired, not dying. I also knew I wasn't going to give up, unless my stomach actually turned on me.

If you remember, during the end of my 10k race I was still running, but managed to be passed by a walker. I employed this to my advantage this time, and walked the last 0.25 miles, but I did so at the same pace at which I had been running; you guessed it! 4.0mph!

It took me just under 120 minutes to do the entire 8 miles, but I did them! I can't really believe it! I also can't believe how not sore I am today! I will be going for a 30 minute run tonight, maybe even outside once the sun starts to set.

I got home, downed a Gatorade and showered so I would not be late to see Harry Potter! I wasn't hungry at the time, and didn't think to bring anything for the car ride. I was lightheaded and even more nauseous by the time I got to the theatre. I was shoveling popcorn into my mouth during the previews, and by the time opening credits started the horrible seasick waves in my belly had subsided to a gentler lapping. The peanut M&Ms helped too. Never again will I leave the house without food after running that many miles.

I think I'm going to curl up with Hubs for a bit of nap, since he's been sleeping for a while I know he will wake soon and I want in on the afternoon nap goodness.


  1. You keep filling this year full of never-done-befores... you could convince anyone that there are no limits anymore. Awesome!


  2. Yeah KT!!!! And yeah 8 miles!! I know what you mean about not being hungry at all after running a longer distance...I never am either, even if I get hungry mid-run/race. I do try to remember to eat something, even if it's just a piece of toast or a banana.

  3. Yay! Great job!

    My stomach grumbles during long runs too. I think it's a good thing, because it means your body is still metabolizing food and your stomach is working as it should. Unhappy stomachs make for very unhappy runs =)

  4. Thanks Danielle and Maggie! It's funny Maggie, I did get hungry mid-run, but then after I was not at all hungry! I think once I find the right blend of electrolytes and caffeine I will be good (I know, I shouldn't rely on caffeine).