Monday, July 4, 2011

And Now I Learn From My Mistakes

Tempted though I was to go back to bed when I woke up at 7:15 this morning, I put on my running clothes and headed to the gym. I was eager to try my 99 minutes again, and had my watered down Gatorade with me with 2 Chomps in my belly and one PowerBar Protein Bite. Knowing that I was tight, I started with stretching and warming up with a few minutes of running at 3.5mph. I moved into 4.4mph, but my heart rate went higher than I could sustain for the distance I wanted to cover. I slowed back to 4.0mph. I went back and forth between running at 4.0mph and walking at 3.5mph, in hopes of loosening up and settling into the run. No such luck this morning:

Running: 17 min/mile (3.5 mph) ~ 0% Incline min.17  
Running: 13.5 min/mile (4.4 mph) ~ 0% Incline min.9  
Running: 15 min/mile (4 mph) ~ 0% Incline min.60  
Walking: 3.5 mph (17 min/mile) ~ 0% Incline min.16  
Running: 15 min/mile (4 mph) ~ 0% Incline min.45  
Walking: 3.5 mph (17 min/mile) ~ 0% Incline min.24  
Running: 15 min/mile (4 mph) ~ 0% Incline min.68  
Walking: 3.5 mph (17 min/mile) ~ 0% Incline min.28  
Running: 15 min/mile (4 mph) ~ 0% Incline min.60  
Walking: 3.5 mph (17 min/mile) ~ 0% Incline min.12  
I spent the rest of the time stretching, doing abs and upper body. I realized that the 7 miles that I did might have called for a break. Lightbulb on! With the speed increases and the fact that 7 miles is my longest run to date, perhaps I need some recovery time, even though I'm not sore. After my 10k I didn't give myself a break and a result, I really lost the endurance and progress I had made up to that point. So, the next three days I will focus on easy bike rides, yoga/stretching and upper body workouts before trying for another run. 

When I look at the stats for these last few runs, I am realizing it's not failure. What I am seeing is my body giving me feedback and this time I am going to listen instead of feeling bad for what distance and time I didn't go. I know that I can go farther and longer so clearly I need something else right now. It feels so good to be in this place right now, learning from my mistakes and treating myself well. 

Happy 4th everyone! 


  1. where do you get this chart from? You are doing great!!

  2. I use a food diary called My Food Diary, and this is the chart they generate for the exercise that you enter. If you are interested in weight loss or weight gain, I highly recommend the site: It does cost $9 per month.