Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Now, That's a First!

I left New England on Monday, after enjoying breakfast out with my Mom. She got be a goody bag for the road - individual servings of peanut butter, bananas, fruit and nut granola bars, bagel slices and a bag of grapes. It doesn't matter how old I get or how far from home I move, sometimes there is nothing as comforting as having my Mom do something Mom-like for me.

The pups and I made it all the way through DC and into the tippity top of Virginia before stopping for the night. Up and out early yesterday morning allowed us to get home early evening yesterday. I barely made it  through dinner before falling fast asleep in my bed. It was wonderful to visit with family and friends, but being home is wonderful.

Now, for something different! In my 'About Me' section I mention that I am learning to call myself a runner. I have always struggled with my weight and my confidence, and I've always tried to keep at bay the thoughts that I am just a bit too chunky to really have the privilege of calling myself a runner. With multiple 5ks and a 10k under my belt, I have been accepting more and more that this running bug has really got a hold of me.

As I was standing at the counter last night peeling shrimp I was thinking that I hadn't run since Thursday. I never did get my other 2, shorter runs in last week. I was glad to be home and wanted to go to bed, but I also really wanted to run! I didn't go for a run, but I was struck by the realization that running makes me feel better. Of course I know exercise makes you feel better, raising endorphins and all that. For some reason, in the midst of my normal day I don't usually think, 'Oh, I'm feeling stressed about XYZ, can't wait to get home and go for a run'. Last night, though, I did have that thought! I wasn't stressed perse, but just feeling wrung out from 3 weeks of not being home and looking for a way to decompress and find my groove again.

I'd say that's a big step in realizing that I'm a runner! I have loads of pictures to post of things like my (running related, because my husband is the best) birthday presents and my pups, so today might be a double post day. I had a big egg white omelet with spinach, feta and homegrown tomatoes for breakfast. It's nice to be back to my own fridge of food too!


  1. I would go crazy without running, it took my husband a while to accept that, but I need it!

  2. You are totally a runner! No doubt about it! :)

  3. Thanks Fruit Fly! It's really starting to sink in!