Friday, June 10, 2011

13 is Lucky Today

Good Morning Everyone! Using a winner has been selected for the giveaway and today 13 is a lucky number! Congratulations to 

We have been reading each other's blogs pretty much from the beginning and her insight and strength is really motivating to me. Since she lives in South Korea and there is a time difference, it's also cool that I often wake up to comments on my blog, which I love! I am sure most of you know about her blog, but check it out in case you haven't found it already. 

Mrs. Q - when you get a minute drop me your info and I will send you your vest. Wow! I get to send something to South Korea! I've never done that before! 

Here is the box from so you can see that #13 was the winner. *I omitted myself when entering the max number and didn't count my own responses to the giveaway posts.*

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  1. Yay! :D I love your blog so much... All of the blogs I read are pretty darn awesome, but your blog is one of the first few blogs that I started reading and following, so I feel like you've really helped me get into this whole blogging thing, which, in turn, helped keep me accountable for my runs. So, thanks! :)

    I think I still have your email from the introducing post, so I will send you my info. :D